Boston Financial Services Leadership Council

A leadership group of senior-level finance executives and university academics advancing the economic impact of the Massachusetts financial services industry

About Boston Financial Services Leadership Council


The Boston Financial Services Leadership Council brings together CEOs and senior executives from the Boston financial services sector with academic partners to advocate for the sector in Massachusetts. With millions of customers and accountholders, 165,000 local financial services jobs, and an equal number of professional services jobs supporting the sector, the impact of the Boston financial services sector is an important success story.

Organized by Mass Insight Global Partnerships, a series of BFSLC briefings bring together CEO/senior executives members, policymakers, and recognized experts to discuss the unique strengths of Boston’s financial services sector and the market landscape regionally, nationally, and globally. An annual MIGP/PwC Sector Impact report and MassFinance e-mail updates provide additional information and insight on the sector.

2016 Financial Services Impact Report

Massachusetts financial services firms are a key pillar of the state’s economy, representing a major source of jobs, tax revenue, financing for business growth and asset management. This 18-page report provides an overview of the current impact of the sector on the region and provides context for new growth through opportunities in financial technology.

The Massachusetts Financial Services Sector Impact report was produced on behalf of the Boston Financial Services Leadership Council by PwC and Mass Insight Global Partnerships.

Download the report.



“…the financial services sector needs to rethink a few fundamental assumptions about the way it does business. Forging strong partnerships with startups and universities to cultivate the next generation of talent and technology will pay dividends for decades”                                      Boston Globe, September 2015


“It’s still the most important sector in the state,” William H. Guenther, the chairman and founder of Mass Insight. “It’s the supporting sector that makes it possible for the life sciences, health, and education sector to do well as they do.”
Boston Globe, November 2013


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