Partnerships to Win the Competition for Talent and Innovation (Executive Summary)

March 2015 | Reports

How strong will the Massachusetts economy be in 2024? Will we have leveraged our abundant resources in technology, science, higher education and government to take a clear lead in the global economy? The Global Massachusetts 2024 daylong event and follow-up report target the critical challenges and recommendations to help make Massachusetts an even more powerful economic force. We can emerge as the Big Data and cybersecurity hubs of the world. We can draw considerably more international investment and broaden our worldwide brand as an innovation gateway. We also can nurture our homegrown talent and double the number of low-income college graduates. The common denominator for economic success is a strategy that places a relentless focus on talent development – attracting it, retaining it, and developing it. And the key to talent generation is creating a new level of cooperation between our most powerful assets: the universities, our schools and Massachusetts’ many dynamic companies.

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