How to talk to employees about managing healthcare choices

June 2014 | Reports

A new Massachusetts law, Chapter 224 of the Acts of 2012, will dramatically increase transparency
in health care. It requires that health plans provide members with detailed cost and quality information to help them compare alternatives and make more informed decisions about their individual health care. In 2014, hospitals and physicians will be required to provide the same information.

This new law gives employers like you a unique chance to begin a new conversation with your
employees about becoming more engaged in their health care choices. It’s also an opportunity
to empower your employees to base their health care choices utilizing quality comparisons and helping you hold down your company’s health care costs.

This Guide is designed to frame your employee discussions when introducing the new tools
and resources now becoming available to health care consumers. During this era of change and enhanced transparency, this Guide will help maximize your employee communication strategies.

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