Sponsorships – Global Massachusetts 2024

December 2014 | Materials

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A Growth Agenda Briefing and Report

With Baby Boomers retiring and the number of high school graduates declining, we are entering an era of significant talent shortages where successful organizations and regions will develop innovative partnerships to meet talent and innovation challenges.  Global Massachusetts 2024 will establish 1) a vision for 2024 technology and sector opportunities for global leadership and 2) the talent, innovation, science and technology partnerships to make Massachusetts a global education center in the focus areas and bring jobs to the state.

  • Company provided stand – up banner/Company logo projected on wall at main event venue
  • Seat on appropriate Working Group (see below)
  • Logo printed in the Growth Agenda and website promoting GM 2024
  • Logo displayed on Briefing signage
  • Global Boston – Gateway for Innovation: General Sponsor
  • One Executive Breakfast ticket – by Invitation only for C-Level ExecutivesGlobal Boston – Gateway for Innovation

    The culmination of the Global Massachusetts 2024 Briefing will be the Global Boston – Gateway for Innovation reception to recognize and honor the businesses, associations, and leaders that make Massachusetts a global center of innovation. Boston is more than just a location – it is a powerful brand that connects the city, state, and region to the global economy.
  • Nomination of a supporting organization
  • Company provided stand – up banner in reception venue
  • Opportunity to display supporting organization materials
  • Logo on the Growth Agenda report and website promoting GM 2024
  • Growth Agenda Briefing: General Sponsor
  • One Executive Breakfast ticket – by Invitation only for C-Level Executives
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