Choosing to Lead: Case Statement and Core Technology Audit

April 2015 | Case Studies, Reports

In 2004, through the Science and Technology Initiative of Mass Insight Corporation, a broad-based consortium of leading business, university, and economic development organizations came together to develop a technology road map for Massachusetts and to identify potential strategic alliances among public and private universities, teaching hospitals, government and industry which will maintain and expand the state’s research, development and economic leadership in emerging technologies.

At its heart this report is a road map for prevailing in an international competition for research, innovation and talent, and for supporting broad-based economic growth and new jobs across all regions in Massachusetts.

The Case Statement and Core Technology Audit evaluates Massachusetts’ research strengths across its universities, teaching hospitals and industry; summarizes competitive R&D issues; and makes recommendations for major stakeholders to maintain Massachusetts’ national R&D leadership and create new economy jobs.

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