About – Global Massachusetts 2024

February 2014 | Materials

What is Global Massachusetts 2024?

Global Massachusetts 2024 is an initiative of Mass Insight Global Partnerships that convenes leaders among major business groups, industry, and higher education to build consensus for a comprehensive ten-year economic agenda that will position Massachusetts to win the competition for talent and innovation – the key to securing prosperity for all our citizens.

Why Now?

The Massachusetts economy is driven by a range of vital sectors supported by the talent developed at our universities and attracted to the Commonwealth’s innovation ecosystem.

Building on the success of the 2006-2008 Global Massachusetts initiative, this new effort will outline how Massachusetts can grow in the next ten years, where the opportunities lie, and how government can target limited resources to realize the opportunities.

The time is right to chart the path for future growth with a gubernatorial transition underway and a new Mayor of Boston.

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