2016 Q1 Consumer Confidence

February 2016 | Public Opinion Polling

Massachusetts Consumers Remain Confident About the Economy & the State

Consumer Confidence Index Holds Steady

The Mass Insight Consumer Confidence Index for Massachusetts remained at a high level, dropping just four points from 121 to 117. This represents the first drop in the Index since July of 2014—a year and a half ago. The index has been over 100 points – the break even for an optimistic outlook – for over five consecutive quarters now. Optimism with current conditions actually rose for the eighth straight quarter—going from 118 to 122. It should be noted that this is the third time surveying was conducted on-line with a representative sample of adult Massachusetts residents.

“Massachusetts consumers continue to be far more confident about economic conditions than consumers nationally. In addition to a very strong level of our consumer confidence index three out of four Massachusetts residents continue to believe it is the time to buy a big ticket item such as a car or a household appliance” said Mass Insight President William H. Guenther


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