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Coakley maintains lead over Baker, according to Mass Insight poll

Aug. 15, 2014 | Press Release

Republican Charlie Baker trails both Attorney General Coakley and Treasurer Grossman by three points in general election polling

The gubernatorial race in Massachusetts has tightened in the last quarter, according to Mass Insight’s third-quarter public opinion polling. Democratic candidates Attorney General Martha Coakley and Treasurer Steve Grossman each held a three point edge over Republican Charlie Baker in separate general election polling.

The data is part of the Mass Insight/Opinion Dynamics Survey Research Group’s quarterly public opinion polling, focused on consumer confidence, economic issues, and state and national politics. The firm’s Consumer Confidence Index dropped nine points in the third quarter to a three-year low due to uncertainty regarding future expectations and a rise in respondents thinking the state is on the “wrong track”.

In anticipation of the 2014 gubernatorial election, Mass Insight asked the following targeted questions and received the following responses from a pool of 388 registered voters in the state between July 28th and August 3rd:

Thinking ahead to the 2014 election for Governor of Massachusetts, if the candidates were Republican Charlie Baker and Democrat Steve Grossman, for whom would you vote? (IF “UNDECIDED”) Well, toward which candidate do you lean at this time?

Baker (Lean Baker) Grossman (Lean Grossman) (Don’t know)
July 2014 31% 4 34 5 25
April 2014 37% 2 36 2 23
January 2014 27% 1 35 6 32
October 2013 29% 3 34 5 30


What if the candidates for Governor in 2014 were Republican Charlie Baker and Democrat Martha Coakley, for whom would you vote? (IF “UNDECIDED”) Well, toward which candidate do you lean at this time?

Baker (Lean Baker) Coakley (Lean Coakley) (Don’t know)
July 2014 39% 2 42 2 15
April 2014 37% 51 1 10
January 2014 32% 1 50 2 16
October 2013 32% 2 52 15


A slight majority of residents disagreed with the thought that the state would be better under a Republican Governor because of Democratic control in the state legislature. But the same slight majority voted they would not be reluctant to vote for a Republican candidate due to concerns about the GOP’s national leadership.

In these times, it’s better to have a Republican as Governor since Democrats control the state legislature.

Agree 43%
Disagree 51
(Don’t Know) 6


I’m reluctant to vote for a Republican candidate for Governor because I have concerns about the national leadership of the GOP.

Agree 43%
Disagree 51
(Don’t Know) 6


Methodology: The Mass Insight Survey Research Group poll is published quarterly by Mass Insight, a Boston-based firm that organizes public-private initiatives on competitive issues affecting Massachusetts. The poll focuses on statewide consumer confidence, state and national politics, and key economic issues affecting the Commonwealth. The survey consists of landline and cellular telephone interviews with 450 adult residents of Massachusetts.

Founded in 1989, Mass Insight Global Partnerships, is a consulting and research firm that builds strategic pre-competitive alliances between higher education, industry and government, both regionally and globally. Mass Insight organizes collaborative, performance-based leadership initiatives supported by members, and uses communications, publications, policy research and public opinion surveys to shape public-private actions and develop innovative partnerships.

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